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Showtime Rumor Roundup

Dan Lurie

In the weeks leading up to an Apple Special Event, much of our little corner of the internet is abuzz with prognostication, rumors of what might be announced, and more editorial analysis than you can shake a stick at. Historically, all this speculation rans rampant with little to no new reiable information added to the discussion until the actual product announcements. This is how it has been since time immemorial (well, at least as long as Steve has been back at Apple), and how it would ever be... or so we thought.

The announcements of updated iMacs and Mac minis throws a wrench into the workings of the rumor mill, stopping the coolant pumps, and causing the already heated debate to flare into a full fledged iClonflagration usually reserved for Macworld Stevenotes.

The fact that the products announced on the 6th were accurately predicted means that at least some of the info floating around the web in regards to product announcements was correct, even if they were off by a week. If they were right about the iMac and Mac mini, who's to say they're any less correct in their other predictions? And if they are correct, what does that mean in terms of what we'll be seeing on Tuesday?

If the other rumors are to be taken as accurate, Tuesday morning will bring a veritable cornucopia of new iPods; an iPod Bonanza if you will. In addition to larger capacity Second Generation iPod nano's in multiple colors, we'll probably see an update to the 5G line in terms of capacity as well. Less certain, but certainly still a real possibility, is the announcement of the long awaited touchscreen Video iPod. Veering away from iPods, the introduction of full length feature films into the iTunes Movie Store is all but set in stone. There is also heavy speculation that an updated Airport Express cabable of streaming video will be released. Another good possibility are wall mountable 40+ inch displays sporting some sort of media center or streaming capability.

While we're at it, lets take a look at far less likely but nonetheless somewhat possible announcements: Upgraded MacBook Pro's with Core 2 Duo processors, the iPhone, perhaps we'll even see the Newton re-born!

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