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Warlock jokes are the funniest

Mike Schramm

From thatgirlcaitlin on the WoW lj group, an old joke with a WoW twist...

"Just beyond the Undercity a great Necropolis landed. Drawn by curiosity, the Lady Sylvanas herself went to see what it was. From within emerged a warlock.

With a booming voice he challenged the entire army of the Undercity. Intrigued, the Lady Sylvanis sent for her army and instructed them to meet with her in front of the Necropolis. Thinking that a mere 100 men could silence this warlock, she sent them in. As they disappeared from view Lady Sylvanas heard fighting erupt. Minutes passed and none of her soldiers emerged. The warlock walked out grinning. 'Surely you can do better!'

Slightly annoyed, Lady Sylvanas sent in 200 men. Again, as they disappeared from view, she heard the sounds of combat. Again, no soldier emerged. The warlock came into view obviously amused. 'I'm very disappointed.'

Furious over losing 300 men for nothing, Lady Sylvanas sent in her entire army, thinking this time the entire Necropolis would be razed to the ground. She listened to the fighting and when it finally ceased, one soldier emerged, obviously near the brink of death. As he staggered back to his Lady, he gasped 'It was a trap... there were two warlocks!'"

Also from lj, thies posts: How to Kill a Warlock. So funny.

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