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Analyst: 80% of launch PS3s will be 60GB ($599)

Blake Snow

A financial analyst estimates that 80% of retailers will demand the more expensive 60GB PS3 at launch (the oh-so affordable $599 one). If Sony then allocates according to this estimate, that would mean only 80,000 of the 400,000 available US launch units will be of the cheaper $499 kind. This would be consistent, however, with higher sales of Microsoft's 360 premium package last November, and what Sony would obviously hope for while still being able to market their console as "starting at $499!"

The report also quotes one Sony manager suggesting the unlikelihood of both full-game downloads on the PS3 due to "storage and bandwidth constraints," and a holiday price reduction of the PS2. So for those already sold on the PS3 at launch, which version do intend to buy?

[via Slash Gear]

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