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Goodbye Divine Shield, Hello Mass Dispel

Mike Schramm

People are still kind of reacting to the expansion Priest spells and talents release from yesterday. Some priests are thrilled that they can now heal (albeit weakly) in shadowform, other priests think they got screwed over big (especially considering how Eyonix had hyped the talents). Other players are wondering if even rogues will get pets soon, while still more players just want the priests to stop whining.

But one talent that has raised a lot of hackles is the new Mass Dispel, available from the priest trainer at level 70. At first, players were kind of confused about the purpose of the spell-- an aoe dispel is nice, but is it really worth it? But pretty quickly, it became clear exactly why Mass Dispel is so huge: it dispells "normally undispellable" buffs. Like, Kalgan points out, the Paladin's Divine Shield. If you said "whoah" after reading that, you're either Keanu Reeves... or you've played a Paladin. Divine Shield is essential to the pally class-- Blizzard has even said it's a core ability that they've designed the class around. Everyone else may dislike the bubblehearth, but that's what Paladins can do that no other class can. Until now.

Our fave Pally resource, Paladinsucks, offers up not just one but two posts on the subject. They call it, without question, "the worst Paladin nerf ever concieved." Now, Kalgan points out that MD has a relatively high cost to priests, has a casting time that a pally could counter with a stun, and is (so far) the only talent in the whole game that can counter DS. But Paladinsucks has a better point-- Paladins are known, for better or worse, for that little 12 seconds of immunity, and now that Shield has been shattered. Of course these talents are still subject to change, so things aren't set in stone. But the days of bubblehearthing as we know them may be over.

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