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iPod nanos get storage boost, aluminum bodies, and colors

Scott McNulty

Dare I say, 'Return of the iPod mini?' Apple just revamped their entire line of iPod nanos, and the first thing that strikes you is that they are available in colors. Silver, pink, black, green, and blue though no white. The nanos also have a new aluminum body that makes them even better for jogging and other fitness activities.

What else is new? Brighter screens and longer battery life, Apple claims that the nano will get 24 hours of life out of a single charge.

You can choose from 2GB (silver only, $149), 4GB (silver, pink, green, blue $199), or 8GB (black only, $249) models, and Apple will throw in free laser engraving.

Continue reading for a look at a nano in profile.

Pretty slender huh? And no, this isn't actual size (the nano's smaller).

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