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Nintendo already boxing Wii units?

Blake Snow

From the most reliable of sources (message boards!) come rumors that Nintendo is seeking 150 temp workers to begin boxing Wii units readying them for shipment as early as next Tuesday. This comes from reports that several work agencies have been requesting positions for Nintendo's North Bend office that packages and ships product.

IGN points to a job opening posted to Nintendo's employee page on June 26, 2006. It reads: "As a Production Agent Trainee, you'll be on the front-lines--working tirelessly to ensure they don't leave stores empty handed this holiday season." Production Agent Trainee is also known as Assistant Packaging Engineer at some companies.

You mean to tell me that Nintendo is hiring people to package and ship their new console? Get out of here! Still, a Tuesday shipping (a week from today) seems a tad early, even if the game publisher announces a launch date and price this Thursday as expected.

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