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PSP cache uncovered at 123 Fake Street


Disingenuous doppelgangers. Knock-offs. Duplicates, facsimiles and copies. All pretty good labels to describe this assortment of completely fake (but fully functional) portable players that all look like the PSP, feel like the PSP but have the unifying characteristic of not actually being, you know, the PSP. As the sheer number of incomprehensible on-screen characters should indicate, the site responsible for the rip-off roundup is Engadget Chinese. Though similar designs and button layouts are hardly worth crying foul over, some of these models drunkenly walk the fine line between inspiration and derivation.

Look through the images and marvel at how effectively others can butcher (or improve!) Sony's designs. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this is nothing short of an infinitely disturbing gadget orgy. You may approve.

[Via Netscape]

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