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Hands-on with the HTC Excalibur

Ryan Block, @ryan

Alright, we're not going to hold back here. We really thought the HTC Excalibur was going to fall way short of expectations, but when the Boy Genius got a hold of his and told us how stellar it was, we were prepared to be swayed. We picked one up at MobileFocus hoping to remain neutral, but we just can't help it, we fell in love. There's no way to easily describe how thin it feels in the hand, but it has the molded, shapely curved body of a Treo combined with the thinness of a Q (which, unfortunately, is much boxier). But it also just feels damned good in the hand, way more solidly built that Moto's handheld. No, it's not as speedy on the cellular data, but it does have a few things the Q doesn't, like WiFi, and, well, a keyboard we're actually pretty fond of. Sorry Moto, it might soon be time to step to the side with this new device class (at least for this round).

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