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HDBeat Podcast 031 - 09.13.06

Trent Wolbe
If your the type of person who hates all the HD DVD vs Blu-ray talk on the podcast then this is the week for you. We literally talk about the war for about 10 minutes. The Series3 gets most of the time as we cover how great it should be(Ben won't shut up about it) and why. We also cover some of the alternatives and the type of person who might buy it(Matt can't afford it so he knocks it). We are required to cover some Apple news(it is in the blogger by laws) and the rest of the show is HD programming. Ben contradicts his geekdom by talking about how much he loves football one minute and how much he loves Star Trek in HD the next. Matt ends the show with a preview of CEDIA and we ask you guys to email us to let Matt know what can't be missed at the show.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Trent Wolbe

57:44, 26.5 MB, MP3

The Series 3 has landed; UPDATE available on
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TiVo Series3: Worth $800?
DIRECTVs HR20 MPEG-4 DVR now available at Best Buy
Apple iTV set top box announced: 2007
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2006 NFL HD Schedule
DIRECTV pauses TNT HD in favor of high-def football
The NFL Today show to be in HD for the first time
'Jeopardy!' and 'Wheel of Fortune' going high-def tonight
WNBC to bring local high-def news to NY, NY
MTV's MHD is going stay MHD - no reality TV shows
Remastered high-def Star Trek details
What is it going to take to win the format war?
Blu-ray movies in VC-1: Up to par with HD DVD?
Disney's third wave of Blu-ray Discs


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