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Meteos takes it online, DS Fanboy staff asks for help


Turns out Q Entertainment has plans to take the near-perfect gameplay of one of DS Fanboy's best DS games, Meteos, and bring it online. The only problem is that this new and improved formula of Meteos is currently set to grace the PC and not the DS.

This is when the person listening to all of this would ask why this is being posted to DS Fanboy, a one-stop-shop for all the DS news big or small and the only reliable place on the inter tubes for such factual information as well as objective, intellectual views on said information. We'd then call this person Timmy and ask that they kindly shut their mouth, unless they wanted us to shut it for them. Permanently.

No, we bring this up because we know you're as passionate about the puzzling action of Meteos as we are and would love to see the game be available for play over Wi-Fi. That's why we call on you, fanboys and fangirls, asking that you make this desire known to one and all by sending electronic mails to the game's support address of support-meteosonline [at] qentertainment [dot] com. Together we can make it happen.

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