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Nokia 7390 fashionphone hustles through FCC

Chris Ziegler

Nokia's first 3G phone to grace the lovely L'Amour Collection won't be seeing a US intro, of that we're quite sure, but that doesn't mean the FCC should be denied the privilege of putting its luxurious curves through their paces. Why do we say the FCC approval doesn't foretell a US release here? While it's true Nokia has no qualms with selling UMTS 2100-equipped phones in the US and marketing them as 2.5G models (the N80 being a prime example), the lack of GSM 850 is likely the nail in the 7390's coffin. Then again, its L'Amour stablemate, the 7380 is offered in Nokia's US flagship stores without 850 support, so when it comes to purchasing Nokia phones through official channels with the wrong bands for your region, never say never.

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