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Planar's PD8110, armed with 1,200 lumens at 1080p

Cyrus Farivar

Last weekend we posted about a $500 projector, but if you thought to yourself that this was too cheap for your blood -- try spending 100 little pieces of paper with Ben Franklin's mug on one. Planar has just stepped into the high-end projector market with its first native hi-def 1080p model, the Planar PD8110, priced at $10,000. This puppy sports 1,920 x 1,080 full HD resolution, using a DLP 0.95 DC3 1080p chip at 1,200 lumens and 8000:1 contrast ratio. Planar also introduced several lower-end models, which include the PD7150, PD7130, PD7060, PD7010 and the PD4010 ($1300). All the new models will be demoed at CEDIA Expo in Denver, which begins tomorrow. The market for 1080p projectors is getting a little crowded -- how about somebody making our day and coming out with one that sells for less than two grand?

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