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Say hello to my little Zune: official launch tomorrow

Evan Blass

Okay folks, the moment you've all been waiting for is almost upon us (and by you all, we mean the .01% of you who don't already own an iPod or SanDisk DAP). We've already heard the name, seen the prototypes, got the lowdown on all of the features, and even peeped some blurry snaps of the GUI (not to mention the artist's renditions), and now the future of portable audio is about to be revealed. Tomorrow, we get the first official peek at the Toshiba 1089 Microsoft Zune. That's right, according to Seattle Weekly, the suits at Redmond are finally ready to unveil their closely-guarded (but not very secret) pet project to the world at an invite-only press event, where the WiFi-sportin', video-playin', friend-makin' Zune will have its first public appearance. To gauge the importance of this occasion, you need only search our archives for the word "Zune," where you'll find approximately one million posts covering every fact, rumor, and wild bit of speculation about this device -- it's even important enough to get an announcement post regarding the pending announcement. Since we already know so much, though, what can we really expect to learn at the press conference? Well we'll be looking out for the little things, such as codec and DRM support, definitive pricing and release information, whether or not Bill G will make an appearance in a black turtleneck, and most importantly, what kind of headphones will be bundled in the package -- oh wait, we know that too. Stay zuned, uh, we mean tuned...

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