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Sony @ CEDIA - 1080p SXRD Pearl officially priced

Matt Burns

Sony has gone and done it again by announcing a rock-bottom low price on the long awaited Sony SXRD Pearl 1080p front projector. A few years ago they released the Qualia 004 for an astounding, but not unheard of, $25,000. Then the Ruby came along for $10k that offered a very similar viewing experience but penetrated into newer markets thanks to the price cut and now the Pearl is going dig Sony even deeper into high-def starved homes at an amazing $4,999 price. We already know that the unit sports a very impressive array of specs including 15,000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p, 200W bulb, and two HDMI ports, along with the standard assortment of legacy connectors, but we didn't think this Sony projector would be this low of a price. Plus, they are stating that the are shipping the VPL-VW50 this month. Lets hope the unit preforms as good as it looks 'cause right now, this is a pearl in our eye. A $4,999 pearl that is.

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