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The i-mate ZAQ

Ryan Block, @ryan

Remember the legendary Zack Morris Phone (aka, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X)? Ok, steel yourselves, we're re-christening it from here on out: the i-mate JAQ is now to be referred to as the ZAQ because it's the largest, ugliest, most plasticy Windows Mobile phone we've ever used. Seriously, straight up like that. We know it's not i-mate's fault -- they didn't design Inventec's reject of a QWERTY phone -- but we really think they should do the real Zack proud and stick with HTC. Morris called us earlier tonight on his 8000X to tell us he doesn't appreciate what's going on, and he's considering going to Belding with all this hullabaloo.

P.S. -Click on for more shots of the JAQ and SPL, as that's why we were writing this in the first place.

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