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Today show, Dancing with the Stars debut in HD, how did they look?


Last night was the beginning of a new seasor for ABC's Dancing with the Stars, and also the first time the show aired in HD. We didn't get a chance to check it out here, but TV Squad did in SD, and complained that the show wasn't letterboxed and many bits of text on the screen ran off on the edges. While we feel for our SD brethren, one of the many complaints we hear frequently is that shows aren't framed properly to take advantage of widescreen HDTVs so if they err a bit on the side of 16:9 that's ok with us. Also this morning was the first episode of the Today show in HD, complete with new set and host Meredith Viera. With The View, GMA, the Today show and rumors about Oprah going HD we may have reason to start doing all-day HDTV Listings.

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