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Wii Sports disappears from preorder lists


With the Japanese Wii event only hours away, even old rumors are new again. There have been rumors about Wii Sports being bundled with the system for as long as we've known about the sports games set, and now those rumors are looking a lot more like facts.

A reader tipped us off that Wii Sports disappeared as a preorder option from his local GameStop and we got to work. Though the title is still listed on the web sites (at an exorbitant price, natch) at GameStop and EBGames, our favorite EBGames employee confirmed that the title had disappeared from preorder lists ... and was quick to point out the upcoming Nintendo announcement. It was all very, how shall we say ... conspiratorial?

To add fuel to the fire -- at GameStop, several of the other older Wii titles (like Red Steel) have box art images linked. Wii Sports does not.

And everyone who is "friends with an insider" seems to be weighing in on the subject. One IGN forum poster claims Wii Sports will be bundled not only because it will sell the system, but to make up for the lack of the classic controller in the launch bundle.

Now, we're not at all surprised by this. After all, Wii Sports seems to be one of the best ways to demonstrate the capabilities of the Wiimote for everyone, gamer or not. And Nintendo has relied heavily on Wii Sports in their marketing campaigns -- the Wii site is littered with images of happy groups of families and friends having fun with bighead sports. So it only makes sense. But stick around ... we hope to have all the info very soon!

[Thanks to TVGenius for originally tipping us off!]

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