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Breakfast Topic: Gold Buying And You

David Nelson

The other night one of my WoW buddies told me about a guy in his guild that bought 1000 gold to purchase his epic mount, which, I imagine, is a lot more common than I would care to believe. The guy was apparently not the brightest, as he went ahead and bragged about doing so in guild chat. Needless to say, guild drama erupted, and the guy ended up quitting the guild before he was forced out.

On one hand, bragging about the purchase was a pretty stupid move as it almost certainly would rub some people the wrong way. On the other...these gold sites don't stay in business because one guy buys his epic mount. I don't have any hard evidence to back me up, but I would guess thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people buy gold everyday. Perhaps gold buying has become so prevalent that people just don't think it is wrong anymore.

I have never bought gold myself. I don't really look on it as the worst offense imaginable, but I don't think it is exactly playing fair either. Have you ever bought gold? Know anyone who has his Visa card on file at a gold selling site? Are you ever tempted to buy?

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