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Crestron TPMC-8X to command your home

Cyrus Farivar

CEDIA is just getting started, where there's a flurry of new products already hitting the show floor, and a few have caught our eye -- especially this one, the Crestron TPMC-8X. This tablet integrates Yahoo Widgets into a touch screen, making stock prices, weather or any other glanceable information accessible via a finger click. This magnesium-encased device is packed with Bluetooth as well, but better yet has biometric software, and will restore preferences based on each person's fingerprints. This $3,800 offering also has a pair of microphones and echo-cancelling built-in to improve your VoIP call. It also has a do-not-disturb option so you won't be interrupted by other applications a pesky Skype call when you're curled up catching up on your "Lost" DVDs. No word on when the TPMC-8X will be available, but while you're waiting you can peep the screen grabs on the flip side.

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