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Logitech @ CEDIA - Hands-on with the Harmony 1000

Matt Burns

Who would have thought that a little remote would cause so much media attention but we can tell you that once you play with the Logitech 1000, it is easy to understand why. It looks and feels so much like those custom install remotes by Creston but is so much more affordable at the $499 price. We got the chance to play with a pre-production model and it's nice. Smooth, slick but at the same time seems to be rather functional. The remote doesn't come in the conventional candy-bar style and it is somewhat difficult to hold with one hand but the help of a leg or armrest when sitting helps a lot. The screens provide just enough info without filling the display with to much data. Response is just like other Harmony remotes which is just fine with us as those products simply work. The only thing we would change is the hard buttons on the right-hand side should be a tad bigger. They are kind of small and bigger buttons seems like it would be easier to use along with taking up more of all that empty landscape. We don't think Logitech is going to push back its October launch just because of our complaint, but other then that, this is one nice remote.

More action shots after the jump.

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