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The Wii is region-free! [update 1]

Jason Wishnov

According to this article at IGN, Nintendo of America VP confirmed that all first-party games for the Wii will be region-free. This feature is traditionally reserved for Nintendo's handheld systems, while owners of their consoles had to illegally modify their hardware or use a special booting solution for import games. Third-parties have the option to make their titles region-free or not, but this is certainly excellent news for import fans.

Also revealed by Kaplan was that one's Virtual Console games are tied to one's account, not allowing transfer. There is, however, a system in place to recover your account if your Wii is suddenly eaten, destroyed, or stolen by PS3 fanboys.

Stay tuned with Wii Fanboy as we deliver more news than you can shake a stick at! No, more news at could, that's not right either...whatever.

[Update 1: Just kidding. (sigh)]

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