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Toshiba brings 2nd-gen HD DVD action to the US


We've already seen these players get dolled up for their European release as the HD-E1 and HD-XE1, but now Toshiba is showing some love for North America with their new HD-A2 and HD-XA2 HD DVD players. No real surprises in this A1/XA2 followup, and not a whole lot of spec love. The main enhancement goes the the XA2, which can now output a full 1080p resolution, and includes HDMI version 1.3 for enhanced color and sound thanks to the doubled bandwidth. The best news is the pricetags: the HD-A2 will be out in October for $500, while the HD-XA2 should follow in December for $1,000. Not quite free, but a whole lot better than our friends over in Europe fared. Keep reading for live pics and some spec sheets.

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