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Western Digital intros its first perpendicular drive, the 160GB Scorpio

Darren Murph

Better late than never, right? Apparently Western Digital is just fine with this mantra, as it finally got around to releasing its very own perpendicular hard drive, the 2.5-inch SATA Scorpio. This 160GB HDD matches Fujitsu's MHW2160BH, but lacks the space found in Toshiba's offering, though we're certainly not ones to complain about more competition. The specs aren't anything extraordinary, as it sports 8MB of cache, 150 MB/s transfer speeds, and spins along at 5,400RPM. WD does attempt to add an element of distinction by marketing it as the "quietest 2.5-inch hard drive" around, care of its "WhisperDrive" technology, and the "ShockGuard" feature should enable it to handle the bumps of everyday life just fine. While there's nothing definitive concerning pricing or availability, the WD1600BEVS should check in just below competing alternatives, and will likely pop up in notebooks everywhere real soon.

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