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Bang & Olufsen @ CEDIA - Beo System 3 HD Stage Manager

Matt Burns

Remember that Beo System 3 HD stage manager thingy that was announced a few weeks ago? You know that large slab of modern electronics that looks like anything but a media hub? Well, you know us and our love for everything high-def and exotic so we managed to get our grubby little hands on the stage manager. The overall design looks a lot less intimidation in person then the press photos indicated as it's in fact a nice size of about 20-inches wide and 8-inches deep. It allows for two ultra-expensive B&O systems to occupy the same room and give the user to switch between 'em at will. This is all thanks to the extensive amount of inputs/outputs including dual DVI outputs, four HDMI inputs, and enough sound outputs to manage two separate 5.1 sound stages, or a 7.1 setup with dual subwoofers. The remote on the other hand is long and slender but surprisingly beefy thanks to the amount of zinc that supposedly reduces sweaty palms. This hub isn't for everyone but if B&O is your cup of tee, this might be worth checking out at your local dealer; just make sure you bring along the check book with more then $7,700 available in it.

Click-on for a remotes shot.

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