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Buffalo's IFC-CB2ES dual eSATA PCMCIA card

Darren Murph

Although PCMCIA inputs may be waning in popularity (just don't tell Mercedes owners) while making way for those snazzy ExpressCard slots, we're sure quite a few laptop owners are still looking for a worthwhile component to shove in that unutilized port, and Buffalo's IFC-CB2ES just might be the ticket. This eSATA (external serial ATA) card doubles up on Ratoc's REX-EX30S by sporting two hot-swappable inputs for those moments when one external drive just won't cut it -- the device also includes Acronis' MigrateEasy software, which makes for easy system backups in case your notebook drive craps out, and Buffalo touts the card's ability to boot directly from an external drive in case of such emergencies. If you're running short on USB / IEEE 1394 ports and desperately need the spacious relief that only external storage can provide, you can dust off that PCMCIA slot and snag the IFC-CB2ES later this month for ¥4,700 ($40 US).

[Via Akihabara News]

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