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Joyswag: Get a call from Otis, win Dead Rising

We've been feeling charitable lately. As promised, we've got four more copies of Capcom's zompocalyptic Dead Rising we're just dying to give away. How are we going to do it? We'll run one of our favorite contests! Inspired by Something Awful's rant on Otis, Dead Rising's "helpful" security guard, we've created this caterpillar of an overlay that you can edit (using your Photoshop chops) to make into your own beautiful Dead Rising-inspired butterfly. It's a blank canvas, so feel free to add not only zombies to your mise en scène.

Send the butterflies in .jpeg format to joyswag [dot] submissions [at] gmail [dot] com. We'll select one submission each day, over the next four days, that either makes us laugh the most, or infects us with enough T-Virus to tur ... B R A I N S. You better get started, all entries must be received by the witching hour -- our lawyers inform us that we should make that a little more specific, so you've got until 11:59 EST -- each night, from now until Monday night. If you win, we'll pack your precious game in a box, put that box in another box, write a magical incantation on its surface and then it'll somehow get to you. Be warned, this can be a very lengthy process, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Big ups to Capcom for the prizes!

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