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Making some Westfall Stew in real-life

Mike Schramm

Earlier this evening I was checking out what the WoW Ladies over on livejournal had to say, and a few of them were chatting about how to make real-life Westfall Stew-- you know, the lowbie collecting quest in Westfall that gives you a cooking recipe and some food with a nice bonus.

When I checked, they hadn't found the link yet, but now they have, and here it is: Real-Life Westfall Stew (Dave also dropped us a note on this one-- thanks, Dave!). They actually cheat a little bit-- they use chicken for vulture meat, and tomatoes for Murloc eyes. I don't know if you've ever had Murloc eyes in Westfall stew but let me tell you, if you substitute tomatoes, you're probably not going to get that tangy flavor that comes with the real thing! Or the pleasure of taking the eyes from the Murlocs in the first place. But I'm sure this faked stuff is pretty good, too.

How soon until we see other great WoW dishes in real life? Who wouldn't want to try some Dusty "Crab" Cakes (who knows where Chef Grual gets those tasty crab legs from), some Cactus Apple Surprise, or some Dragonbreath Chili? And you can wash it all down with some tasty Thistle Tea (it'll get you all the energy you need) or, my favorite (even though you have to be 21 for this stuff), Noggenfogger Elixir. For dessert, a Savory Deviate Delight, of course. With all these great foods to choose from, a World of Warcraft Restaurant is only one Blizzard employee's crazy idea away..

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