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Panasonic @ CEDIA - A little touch of room in the middle of CEDIA

Matt Burns

Panasonic was thinking of us when they designed their CEDIA booth. We're a bit homesick and there is nothing better then sitting around the fireplace and staring at the artwork hanging above. Oh wait...those are plasmas. Both of 'em and so is the window next to it. We can tell you that the fire wasn't exactly realistic (an Eagle Scout at your service) it was cool hot. The artwork above more then likely takes advantage of Panasonic's recent deal with GallaryPlayer and to tell you the truth, someone else had to point it out; it looks that real and detailed. The window on the same wall hit us with a bit of orientation confusion (didn't get the Orientation merit badge) 'cause it appeared that you are staring out of a window away from all this CEDIA overload. Again, it was just a plasma and eventually we were exchanging looks with someone in the 'window.

Click on for a slide show of the window action.

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