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Philips' Pronto TSU9600 gets official


Looks like we were pretty spot-on with the specs for this crazy decked Pronto TSU9600 remote from Philips, but we have a bit more info now that we thought we'd pass on. As expected, the Pronto can handle just about every IR device you throw at it, with plenty more besides: the WiFi remote can do the home automation thing with Lutron RadioRA integration, and can even control a music collection via the Escient Fireball Media Manager. The 3.7-inch VGA touchscreen is the obvious highlight of the device; Philips is claiming a 160 degree viewing angle, and even packed in a stylus to keep your grubby fingers off the display. Other perks include a docking station, scroll wheel, macro wizard and WAV audio support. The dreaded pricetag isn't quite coma-inducing, but $1,300 isn't anything to sneeze at either. Philips is also prepping the RFX9400 wireless extender, which features WiFi and wired connectivity, along with multiple IR ports, for a "mere" $300. Both devices should be out this October.

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