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Pioneer releases three new PureVision Elite plasma TVs


Like everyone else, Pioneer has hit up CEDIA to show off its wares, including these three new plasma displays in its PureVision Elite line. Coming in 42-inch, 50-inch, and 60-inch varieties (dubbed PRO-940HD, PRO-1140HD, and PRO-1540HD, respectively) the sets all include support for Pioneer's Home Media Gallery, with USB and Ethernet ports that'll let you stream content from a DLNA-compliant PC. Supported media includes Microsoft PlaysForSure DRM, and MPEG-1, WMV9, and MPEG-2 codecs. Each unit also comes equipped with NTSC/ATSC tuners, a CableCard slot, a pair of HDMI inputs, two component inputs, PC input and RS-232C support. All three are, unfortunately, sub-1080p, with the 42-incher sporting a 1,024 x 768 resolution, and the two larger models each displaying 1,365 x 768 pixels. The entire lineup is available now with prices coming in at $4,000, $5,500, and $8,000, depending on how big you wanna go.

Update: Near as we can tell, the 42 and 60-inchers share the same panels as the sets dropped this morning in Japan but all gussied up for the US market. The 50's new if that makes you feel lucky.

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