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Three more sexy-cams from Leica


We know these new Leicas are all about performance, but they sure look sexy doing it. Even though these three new "lower-end" (compared to the M8, at least) cams are all based on Panasonic tech and bodies, they all add a little bit of Leica flare that really brings the drool -- and really jacks the price. For starters, we have the DIGILUX 3 (pictured), which is based on Panasonic's DMC-L1. The 7.5 megapixel "LiveMOS" DSLR has all those lovable specs like an optical image stabilized lens, supersonic dust filter and 2.5-inch LCD, plus some Leica tweaks to get even better pics out of the configuration. Next up is the DSLR-ish V-LUX 1, which hardly departs from its DMC-FZ50 counterpart. However, the 10 megapixel CCD, 12x optically image stabilized zoom lens, and 2-inch LCD aren't anything to scoff at. Finally, Leica's D-LUX 3 does things ultra-compact style, aping the specs from the DMC-LX2, with a 10.2 16:9 CCD, 2.8-inch LCD, and of course that lovable optical image stabilisation. Unfortunately, Leica isn't spilling on pricepoints, but thankfully we don't think they're going to quite match the M8's gargantuan $5,000+ pricetag. Keep reading for pics of the V-LUX and D-LUX.

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Read - D-LUX 3

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