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Until we meet again, CTIA

Chris Ziegler

And that's a wrap! CTIA's fall extravaganza in Los Angeles brought us few surprises; UTStarcom's somewhat mysterious 5800 and 6800 admittedly caught us off guard, but Palm's well-documented Treo 750v was the star of the show, leaving our scoop-hungry selves without... well, much of a scoop. No worries -- we got our hands on plenty of buzzworthy handsets, made some new friends, and snapped some lowlights along the way (gory details after the break). See you in the spring, folks!

Sorry, Motorola, you're not fooling us -- we've covered too many launch delays of Cingular's V3i to not know the difference.

This isn't the front of some really narrow phone, no sirree, it's the fricking side profile of the i-mate ZA... er, JAQ. No need for the death claw, guys, no one wants to steal it.

No relation. We find that pockets are generally far less interesting than gadgets; we'd never cover them in a blog.

Pretty good color match, fellas, but wrong font. At least it's not "Ensmaato."

Our own Ryan Block at the end of day two; he had a healthy glow to him, but the odd hat and specs told us that he was a bit out of sorts. We packed him in the cargo hold and sent him on his way, ready for rapid deployment to wherever he's needed next.

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