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Wii launch details in Europe and Australia revealed


At a press conference in London, Nintendo has officially announced that the Wii will launch in Europe on December 8 at a price of €249 and £179 in the UK. The official pricing is not quite in line with Nintendo's original claim that the UK price would be similar to the US price -- Europeans will pay the equivalent of $315, with the UK price being priced at the equivalent of $336. Australians hoping to pick up a Wii will have to pay slightly less than Europe when the console hits on December 7 at a price of $399AUS, or approximately $299US. The European console bundle will include a white Wii console, one Wii remote, one Nunchuck, Wii Sports, and games will be priced between €49 and €59 or between £34 and £39 in the UK -- which works out at around $62 to $73.

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