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Warcraft Rookie: Earn Your Gold

David Nelson

[Warcraft Rookie is a series of posts dedicated to the new WoW player]

We have all been there.

There is a level 16 sword on the auction house that would totally make your warrior uber for the next 2 levels. You have to have this sword. One problem...the bidding has gone higher than the gold in your pocket. What to do? You have two options (and we will assume that gold buying is not one of them):

A. Earn the Money. Leave the auction house area and go and try to grind the gold you need before the auction ends. You could sell some items that you normally wouldn't to make up the difference. Heck, if it is that important, sell your bags.

B. Beg.
You could go up to random strangers and ask for the gold. Or you could bother some new guildies (you are level 16, all your guildies are new guildies!) for the gold.

If you chose A, you chose wisely. All new players struggle with money, quests , and, on PvP servers, ganking. Such is the life of a level 16 in Azeroth. If you chose B, you chose very, very unwisely. People who beg for money are often mocked in tells, yells and nearly everywhere else. Your rep is taking a hit that could be hard to recover from. Sure, you might give up this character after 20 levels, but you never know!

You don't want the rep of being an annoying beggar following you around. And if you think it won't follow you around and people won't remember, think again. People generally put the beggars on their ignore list, which means they might not remember why they put you on there, but they do know that you annoyed them enough to make them do it. That could be the difference between getting into the raiding guild of your choice or running UBRS for the hundredth time.

Be a good WoW citizen. Don't beg for gold.

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