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Envive E-Center Pro intimidates with its 4.5TB, 8 TV tuners

Cyrus Farivar

These days, a lot of folks lust after a media server in their home to store astonishing amounts of flicks and pics. Not surprisingly, many companies want to build one too. The latest to get its hands dirty in this market is Envive, which announced its new gargantuan new E-Center Pro. This media PC maxes out at 8GB of RAM, 4.5TB of drive space (yes, you read right), no less than a whopping eight tuners (four each on NTSC and ATSC), gigabit Ethernet, DVI / HDMI out with optional HDCP support, optional Blu-ray, and the company says that an HD DVD drive will be available by the end of the year. We should point out that while the E-Center Pro comes with Windows Media Center 2005, it requires the custom-built EnviveOS to utilize all eight TV tuners. The press release tells us that this dense black box will start at $2500 and will begin shipping next month -- but there's no way to answer our most burning question, which is what it will actually cost with all the options tricked out? Yes, we asked, which means we can't afford it.

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