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Freescale sells out for $17.6 billion, wants more


While cellphone giant Motorola has been busy selling endless iterations of the RAZR and other oddly-named phones, their semiconductor spin-off Freescale has been doing quite well for itself, and is on the verge of being purchased for quite a few billion dollars. Freescale just got a $17.6 billion offer from some private-equity types led by Blackstone, which values Freescale stock at $40 a share -- quite an improvement from the $13 a share Freescale went public with in 2004. Freescale has accepted the offer, on the condition that they can accept a better offer within 50 days, with a break-up fee to be paid to the Blackstone types if they do. We just looked between all the couch cushions, but we're still coming up a few billion short, so if you've got $18 bil or so burning a hole in your pocket, now's your chance to break into the hip and happenin' world of UWB, MRAM and other fancy microchips.

[Via El Reg]

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