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Gaming Nexus interviews Killzone director

Chris Powell

The Killzone posts keep rolling in. We first spotted the demo, found out the November OPM will feature it and have reviewed even reviewed the demo, but now here's an Gaming Nexus interview with Mathijs de Jonge, the games lead designer and director.

In the interview, Mathijs explains how the game ties in with its predecessor, how many levels to expect, vehicle use and says the game is nothing like Metal Gear Solid. It's kind of funny because I even made mention of the two game's looking very similar in my review.

GamingNexus: Killzone: Liberation is quite a departure from the original Killzone on the PlayStation 2. Why did you decide to switch from a first-person shooter to an overhead shooter?
MdJ : We wanted to create a new experience within the Killzone Universe. Pulling out the camera to a third person perspective was the thing that we thought would change the experience most. So when we started working on this game this was the very first we tried. Then we decided to stick with it as it gave us a lot of inspiration for new mechanics and areas of focus such as improving the AI system.

(Via Gaming Nexus)

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