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Stalking simplified: Loopt's Mobile Friend Finder for Boost

Chris Ziegler

It seems there will likely come a day when everyone knows the latitude and longitude of everyone else in real time, we were just secretly hoping that we wouldn't see that day in our lifetime. Alas, Loopt's gone ahead and found a customer -- Boost Mobile -- for its friend-tracking system, which maps the location of buddies on a Google Local-like display. Happily, users must opt in before they can be tracked; once they do, the system will show current location, a settable status, and messages sent from other, uh, trackees. Of course, unless all your friends are on Boost, the system is of limited value, but we're pleased to know someone's out there keeping the Big Brother dream alive.

[Via Phone Scoop]

Update: Loopt would like us to let you know that their service is entirely opt-in, and that only approved users can track your whereabouts.

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