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Solar-powered wristwatch, necklace for the blind

Darren Murph

While there's definitely no shortage of watches that serve a greater purpose than merely telling time, Jeonjun Cho, a sophomore at Kyungki University in Korea, has developed a timepiece that does nothing more than display the current time to the blind. His braille clock collection has both aesthetes and utilitiarians covered, as the sleek silver finish makes for a snazzy piece of 2001-esque jewelry, and the solar-powered braille ticker allows the blind to check the time without consulting their RFID-enabled robot tagalong. The necklace and watch each share the same readout, which is composed of simple "dots, lines, and planes," all basic factors of creating braille numbers. So if you've got a visually impaired pal who hasn't picked up a talking cellphone to keep him / her on schedule, these fashionable timepieces could be just the thing to keep things on track.

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