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Analyst: Wii could be a contender


Not long ago, analysts told us that Nintendo's lack of third party support was going to destroy the gaming industry. Today, however, we're told that Nintendo's strong third party base was going to propel the system into a great position in the console wars. Yes, you read that right -- those "informed opinions" are complete opposites.

If anything, we expected analysts to dogpile on Nintendo's lower price as the reason it might succeed. After all, analysts are all about that money, and even the Wii's games will be cheaper than those for the 360 and PS3. But to be told the lynchpin of Nintendo's success wil be that very thing that was set to destroy the earth (well, the gaming market) only months ago?

Well. That just makes us giggle. Are we sure they're not just making it all up? There's one thing they're right about, at least. With a solid launch lineup, a lower price tag, and Sony's determination to shoot themselves in the foot, Nintendo will definitely be a contender this holiday season.

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