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Avast, buckos! Ninja or pirate?

Kevin Kelly

As the end of International Talk Like a Pirate Day draws nigh, ye still be havin' a few hours left til nightfall ta get out there and drop some phrases like "Arrrr, mateys," and "Keelhaul him!"

Or you can be checkin' out the truly bizarre game, Ninja Loves Pirate. The backgrounds are a damn fine sight , while the actual gameplay animations are rather low-rez, in a sort of Curse of Monkey Island way. It looks shiny, combines ninjas and pirates, and can help loosen yer tongue quicker than a tankard of rum.

If that not be yer cup o' tea, then drop anchor and wait fer Sony Online Entertainment's version of Pirates Constructible Strategy Game to be invadin' yer waters. It be based on the game o' the same name which lets you put together tiny little versions of the real thing and battle it out fer treasure.

And if yer itchin' for action of a more ... social manner, then sail into Booty Bay via World of Warcraft tonight and hoist a cup or three of grog.


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