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David Yarnton speaks on UK launch


Nintendo UK's David Yarnton recently said during an interview on Eurogamer TV that Europe would receive the biggest launch in the company's history. He's quick to cover his keister, however, by stating that even "20 million [units] wouldn't be enough" to cover the demand for the system.

David says that with the Wii "we're looking at about four million units before the end of the year globally and Europe will get a reasonable proportion of that. The stock that we're looking to get we believe will probably be more than we've ever had for any console launch. But from the feedback we've had from our retailers, whatever we have won't be enough as the demand from people is really heating up for it."

Yarnton absolutely expects there to be shortages at retail come this holiday season. Considering Nintendo has had the finalized Broadway chips for some time now, are we to expect the types of shortages the Xbox 360 suffered from and the PS3 will undoubtedly face?


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