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First real review of Canon's high-def cam

Matt Burns
Save got their grubby little hands on the Canon HV10 and produced the first review. Canon's first venture into the high-def camcorder market has sparked a lot of attention from the online media but how good is their first camcorder? We won't keep you waiting as you would probably scroll down to Camcorderinfo's conclusion anyways so, it's alright. They liked it, not loved it though. Low light shooting is really bad and that's a killer for a lot of people. Plus, the upright form factor doesn't lend kindly to a stable picture. That same form factor however is highly regarded by the fans of pocket cams as it's smaller then Sony's HC3 counterpart. This is Canon's first jump into the water so expect the more from the (dare we take a stab at the name) the HV20.

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