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Money can't buy me uber

Mike Schramm

William Beamish sends along a link to an article over at NotAddicted called "Can't Buy Me Uber." They tried to work out, Mastercard style, exactly how much it would cost you, in real dollars, to make the most pimped-out, l33te57, uber-est character ever-- use gamecards, hired someone to level you to 60, and then a guild to run you up to Naxx to get all the best gear (until the expansion anyway). The figures aren't much more than random guesses, but it's a mildly amusing thought experiment-- especially the bits where they try to figure out how much gold it would take to get a Naxx guild to hook you up with their server first stuff.

So how much money would it take to become TEH UBER? They land on a figure of $23,015 (not counting the $100,000 they say you'd have to pay to get everyone on your server to treat you with the respect you'd actually get if you were that uber). Which seems high, of course, not to mention that you're missing out all the good stuff-- the leveling and raiding you'd be doing while playing your way to the top. Would you pay $23,015 to have the absolute best character on your server? I sure wouldn't.

But I'd take it. If you want to give me $23k and six months, I'll be happy to quit my job (later, WoW Insider!) and get you exactly the character they describe. But then the question is, as NotAddicted says, what would you do if you really were the uber-est character around? Rock the battlefields? Gank newbies? Dance naked in front of Orgrimmar?

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