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Selling Wii is "like trying to sell cosmetics to men" says Nintendo's Iwata

Blake Snow

In a report with Bloomberg discussing the importance of non-gamers to Wii's success, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said: "We want to appeal to mothers who don't want consoles in their living rooms, and to the elderly and to young women ... It's a challenge, like trying to sell cosmetics to men." In a testosterone driven gaming world, that analogy might not be far off, and it's good to see Iwata-san recognizing the challenge.

The article also features a very favorable quote on Wii from Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Tokyo-based video game researcher Enterbrain Inc. (which publishes Famitsu magazine): "Wii definitely could become the most popular console of all time. Non-gamers can see how fun it is just by looking at people playing it, and that's very different from the PS3 or Xbox 360." Those who take greater risks can expect greater change; for better or for worse.

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