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Airport security has never been so much fun [update 1]


As two Joystiq editors and one writer currently fly over the Pacific to the land of the rising sun for TGS, now is good a time as any to review airport security. With the recent phallus improving device incident causing a bomb scare at O'Hare airport, we should all simulate the experience of what the TSA does every day by playing Airport Security.

The Flash-based game is designed to help you keep up with the latest changes in airport security. The action is intense and a great satire on our modern life. Can you follow the spontaneous policy changes that will make random items like toothpaste or pressurized cheese not safe for flight?

[via Water Cooler Games]

[Update 1: Corrected a mix-up between the originating website and the software. Thanks, WedgeTalon.]

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