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Breakfast Topic: Revenge!


There are some beasts you'll encounter in Azeroth that you'll never quite forget. Not because they were massively scripted encounters of epic proportions, but because they managed to outwit you -- perhaps several times over. There you were, walking along, peacefully minding your own business, picking flowers in Un'Goro -- when suddenly a huge devilsaur appears behind you. (Devilsaurs are very stealthy for their size!) You try to run, naturally, but you can't escape the devilsaur's huge stride once he's sighted you, and he devours you in a single bite. Of course, the devilsaur is hardly the only beast in Azeroth to play such tricks -- and on most such creatures I vow to return at a later level for revenge. And what about you? Do you find yourself returning to zones ten levels later and avenging earlier deaths?

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