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Canon HV10 HDV reviewed

Cyrus Farivar

So you've already read the big bad New York Times review of Canon's latest consumer HD digicam, the HV10 HDV. And let's face it, you were left wanting to know more about some of the more arcane details of the HV10, weren't you? Fortunately, the biggest camcorder geeks that we know of -- the good people at CamcorderInfo -- recently penned a staggering near-12,000 word tome on the device. Even more fortunately, our bros at HDBeat managed to distill it down to a fine paragraph for your reading pleasure. So what was unearthed? CamcorderInfo liked the camera overall, but didn't fall head over heels for it, given that it doesn't shoot well in low light or the vertical form factor, nor does it have an HDMI or DVI jack. Fin.

[Via HDBeat]

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