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Joystiq Poll: Pick your next-gen movie preference

With today's announcement from Tokyo that the Xbox 360 would support the truest of all high definition resolutions, 1080p, for everything from games to HD-DVD to your existing DVDs, it got us to thinking. We already know there is a considerable amount of backlash against Sony's decision to couple Blu-ray technology to the PlayStation 3 but, if given a choice, what movie format would you opt for? You've got the Xbox 360's HD-DVD add-on (it's all about choice!); you've got the PS3's bundled Blu-ray (it's all about storage!); you've got the Xbox 360's available-this-Fall ability to upscale your DVDs (it's all about convenience!); and, lastly, you've got the Wii's inability to play any optical movie media (it's all about the games!).

Choose your poison
Upscaled DVD
I don't care about movies at all (the Wii answer)

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