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Micron announces 5 megapixel HD sensor for consumer cams


HD video is becoming more and more prevalent, but most people are still snapping those grainy VGA flicks with their digital cameras, which might be plenty for YouTube, but it won't win you any videophile cred. We can't guarantee stuffing a HD sensor into your consumer cam is going to do much for that cred either -- maybe you and cred were never meant to be -- but it's a fun spec to have for specifications sake, and Micron is bringing just that kind of love with their new HD sensor. The new CMOS unit can handle 60fps 720p, or 30fps 1080p videos, and Micron hopes to start sampling the sensor this fall. Micron also has a new sensor with similar specs, but designed for camcorders, so hopefully we'll be seeing some price drops and spec bumps for those in '07. We're guessing this first wave of such consumer "TrueHD" tech might leave a bit to be desired in the quality department, but it's a good step towards putting a whole lot more pixels in every pocket.

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